Discover High Mountain Oolong Tea

Combining hundreds of years of expertise in the cultivation and preparation of camellia sinensis, also known as tea leaves, and the ideal climatic conditions found in the high mountains of central Taiwan, Temple Road is proud to bring you a pure, authentic, and centering oolong tea tasting experience. More


Balance, in a Teacup

A healthy lifestyle is composed of various important element such as quality sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. Achieving balance is a result of a multitude of healthy habits which sustain our way of life, and a oolong tea drinking ritual is a great complement to such a lifestyle. More


A Tea Ritual Worthy of Your Journey

There is a glorious path toward our ideals, and nourishing our minds and bodies with nature’s best ensures a steady progress in that direction. The wisdom of the ancients rediscovered in a cup of oolong, on your path of naturalness. More


Martial Monk High Mountain Oolong Tea

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