Our Tea

Tea Leaves Origin

Grown, handpicked, and skillfully prepared in the Shan Lin Xi region of central Taiwan, Temple Road’s oolong teas offer a 100% natural tea drinking experience. While each of the three annual harvests may slightly differ due to the varying conditions during the year, our premium quality standards confer an exquisite taste to each batch.


Tea Master

Our tea master has earned his exceptional skills from his upbringing in the family business in the high mountain tea plantations of central Taiwan. 50 years of accumulated knowledge in the processes including hand picking, drying, fermenting, roasting, as well as brewing of course, provide Mr. Liu’s tea with exquisite taste and balance. Enjoying a cup of tea at Mr. Liu’s residence is truly an unforgettable experience, and above all, one that clearly highlights the intangibles of savoring the perfect cup of tea.


The Art of Making Tea

Gong Fu Cha, or making tea with effort, is also a motto which applies to the tea leaf processing methods at the farm operated by our tea master. Conscious of the importance of every step along the tea production process, and mindful of every task and decision, Mr. Liu combines proven traditional ways and intricate know-how from decades of experience to deliver a smooth, rich, and balanced cup of tea. For instance, the use of a specific type of bamboo electric cage for roasting is considered too strenuous by most, yet, Mr. Liu still insists on using them and repeating the process of roasting no less than three times! As the humble man puts it himself,”我們是用心做的,” which translated to “we put our hearts into our work.”



Mr. Liu’s knowledge and craftsmanship have earned him numerous awards over the years dating back to 1998. In the a recent competition held by the XinYi Township Farmer’s Association in December 2013, the Liu family earned the first prize. In fact, the walls in the Liu house are covered with awards, they sure are admired by their peers and yet Mr. Liu and his wife receive us in their house with warmth, courtesy, and humility.



The Liu family takes pride in using organic fertilizers and absolutely no pesticides. Testing from the Taiwan Tea Research Extension Station (TRES), the national authority on tea safety, confirms the purity of the tea leaves originating from the farm.


Sourced Directly from the Tea Plantation!

When you order tea from Temple Road, you can be absolutely certain of the authenticity and freshness of the product. We source directly from the tea plantation and ship to your house in a matter of a few days. Express shipping ensures that your tea arrives within 10 days no matter what your location is. Otherwise, regular air shipping will take about 20 days.