About Us


Taiwan, Land of Oolong Tea

Taiwan, with its high mountains sometimes reaching between 3500 to 4000 meters and high humidity levels, is arguably the best environment on earth to grow tea. Match that with centuries of tea leaf cultivation, oxidization, and roasting know-how and you might just get rewarded with the best cup of tea you’ve ever had. The oolong tea leaf skillfully cultivated in Taiwan, is a leaf which has been fermented or oxidized to a degree usually varying from 30% to 60%. This skillful process provides the tea with a more pronounced taste and a richer texture and aroma.




Your Body is Your Temple

At Temple Road, we strongly believe in the importance of daily oolong tea consumption for long term health. Drinking oolong tea at key moments during the day can also help us maintain concentration levels and even improve the efficiency of weight control endeavors. All good reasons to make oolong tea a part of your day.


Walk on, Toward Truth, on Your Own Path

 One of the young apprentice monks’ most early and important commandments is a very simple one, “Never give up.” Staying on path with dedication and conviction is the way, the Temple Road way. Let the Martial Monk Oolong Tea Series be a trusted companion on your journey.